Proud to be a Union Steel Erector

union steel erectorFrom the minute the contract is signed, MC Industrial offers clients a full range of services and expertise that can only be obtained from years of working as a structural steel erector on a wide array of projects. But more than that, MC Industrial status as a union steel erector provides extra assurance that the quality of our work will be second to none. Our award-winning safety program meets union requirements and ensures that safety is always a top priority on the job site. Additionally, being a union steel erector in good standing helps MC Industrial operate quickly and effectively no matter where the project is located.

What is a Structural Steel Erector?

Generally a structural steel erector is a construction specialist or team of specialists that use pre-made structural steel beams to set up the framing or "structure" of a building. This process involves the use of a variety of heavy equipment including cranes, elevated platforms and lifts. This is why working as a structural steel erector requires adherence to a strict safety program.

Structural steel erection is always completed from the bottom up and is commonly the method of choice for skyscrapers, office buildings and a variety of other large structures.

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