ScheduleThe scheduling processes utilized on our projects establish an early understanding of the unique challenges a project has and facilitates discussion of solutions in the planning or bidding stages of the project. Once a notice to proceed is received, the scheduling group prepares a detailed critical path method schedule with extensive input from the onsite construction team.

The schedule is further detailed to include information from subcontractors. The design of the schedule is such that it is realistic and comprehensive planning tool. The entire project is “built on paper” before the actual construction takes place in the field. This master control schedule identifies the critical path for the project and critical milestone dates that must be met to facilitate Owner occupancy.

During the course of project execution, the schedule is updated frequently based on remaining work. The critical path is analyzed to identify items which can potentially impact the schedule. Utilization of short term detailed working schedules, earned value analysis and manpower planning are tools used to review the status of the project.