Quality Initiatives

Our Quality Without Question program focuses on key initiatives to proactively approach and resolve quality issues quickly. This integrated approach provides value to all team members. The current Quality Initiatives implemented on every MC Industrial project include:

  • Site Specific Quality Plan: This plan is created by the Project Team to detail the key contract document requirements, document the project's unique Quality Challenges, and establish how our team will overcome these challenges. 
  • Water Infiltration Prevention Program: This industry-leading approach identifies the potential risk and implements temporary and permanent protection measures to avoid water damage from occurring. 
  • Industrial Systems Coordination Program: MC Industrial’s Industrial Systems Coordination Program coordinates the project’s relevant systems in three and four dimensions to minimize changes to the work during installation. 
  • Quality Incident Reporting: Unique to our program is the reporting and tracking of Quality Incidents, including the calculation of a monthly Quality Incident Rate. This enables us to track and constantly improve our activities and performance.