Cost Impact ChartAt MC Industrial, our goal is to provide complete and accurate information throughout the preconstruction process to allow the project team to make timely and informed decisions. It sounds simple but we believe this is the key to successfully starting all projects.

MC Industrial provides a wide range of preconstruction services based on the project delivery method being used and varies from the Design-Bid-Build approach which has very little preconstruction involved to being a fully integrated part of the team early in a Design-Build appoach in which we provide a full package of services including design management, budgeting and estimating, value analysis, constructability reviews, logistics planning, and market analysis to evaluate the best way to arrange the bid packages and when to bid them.  

Our passion for continuous improvement has inspired us to develop some of the most progressive and accurate preconstruction processes and tools in the industry. Though our services vary based on project delivery method, market requirements and our unique client’s needs, what doesn't vary are the results—detailed, accurate and complete data up front, allowing for informed decision-making, effective cost control and schedule adherence from project kickoff  to turnover.

The following are preconstruction services MC Industrial provides for the wide range of delivery methods and markets:

Budget Development and Estimating

Our preconstruction teams understand how critical our early estimates are to your project's success. We practice a continuous process of cost control beginning on the day we are selected as part of the project team. From that day forward, we focus on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation and ongoing review of costs to help your maximize your budget dollars.

Using our proprietary estimating tools and databases, as well as timely information from the marketplace, our experienced in-house team of estimators collaborates with the project team in the development of an early, accurate budget. As the design develops, we maintain a watchful eye toward the budget, providing advice as to cost, schedule and constructability.

Value Analysis

MC Industrial's proactive approach to value analysis maximizes the effect of every project dollar spent and is a critical component of our process. Cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, labor and material availability, and project schedule are all considerations within this approach. Our role is to investigate and suggest viable alternatives that will avoid unnecessary expenditures and provide improved value and economy, while maintaining the project intent and owner goals. During the value analysis review, all expenditures relating to construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement are considered.


MC Industrial believes in and encourages all clients and partners to incorporate sustainable design and green construction methods regardless of project goals. With our in-house LEED Accredited Professionals and resume of sustainable projects, we bring an understanding of potential cost implications, as well subcontractor and vendor relationships to reach the desired sustainability or certification level.

Constructability Reviews

Based on our years of experience, the MC Industrial preconstruction team reviews the design documents to ensure the documents are clear, the construction details efficient, and the drawings are coordinated.

Building Information Modeling

By utilizing leading technology, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), we can provide our builders the ability to model, design, visualize, estimate, plan and build it—all in virtual space and before we put a shovel in the ground. From collaborating and estimating in preconstruction, to detail planning at the project level, MC Industrial builders integrate this tool into our process so the project team can continually improve efficiency, constructability, quality and ultimately predictability on our projects.

Logistics Planning

The first step in planning the construction,  logistics planning is the evaluation of each construction activity using safety, operations disruption avoidance, schedule, and cost as factors to establish the proper appoach for each.

Market Analysis

An evaluation of the market is done to determine the proper timing and packaging of, if any, bid packages to get the greatest value. This evaluation includes labor and  material availability, and  local practice and work rules, and looking at what else is bidding in that time frame.