Design Build Construction 101

design build constructionThe key to understanding design build construction goes back to an early construction method called the "Master Builder" approach. Under this method, one central entity, usually the architect, held sole accountability over the construction project he or she designed. From beginning to end, this "master builder" was completely responsible for all organizational and planning aspects for the project, as well as any contract issues or problems associated with it. The modern design build contract is a return to the use of one central entity who oversees the entire industrial construction process.

Advantages of a Design Build Contract

The advantages of a comprehensive design build contract are numerous and varied. Typically, design build construction projects benefit from the productiveness of a team-focused approach among all key players and result in significant cost savings due to faster construction starts, tighter scheduling and more efficient close-outs.

Is Design Build Right for Your Project?

In reality, all construction projects are design build. The difference is, do you have the time and energy (and patience) to be the manager, or do you want an experienced professional to handle it? We think the answer is clear. Contact us today to discuss a design build contract for your next project.