Total Rewards

At MC Industrial, you are an owner. Total Rewards encompasses all of the things that our partners receive as a benefit of being employee-owners. Not just salary, not just insurance, but everything—culture, performance bonuses, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, retirement plans (up to 25% of your salary contributed to your retirement each year), medical and dental benefits and more. All of these things help drive the outstanding performance we have accomplished.

We believe that this complete package is truly unique not only to the construction industry, but industry in general.

Benefits package

Why Being an Employee-Owner is Important to You

Most adult Americans spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else. So the question is an obvious one-where would you rather work: at a place where you're viewed as a number or at a place where you're viewed, treated like and are an actual owner?

We believe the benefits of employee-ownership are many:

  • Personal Improvement/Engagement. Simply put, if you succeed, we all succeed. Every MC Industrial employee is asked to improve everyday (and given the tools via training or technology to do so). At the same time, our employees are given wide latitude to develop best practices/lessons learned that can be used across the company.
  • Personal Finances. Being an owner-employee gives you “skin in the game” through our ESOP—a retirement plan that supplements our 401(k) offering. It grows year-to-year based on the performance of the company (you become a member of the ESOP after one year of service). MC Industrial contributes up to 25% of your base pay into retirement accounts-both ESOP and 401(k). Few companies in America come close to this.

A Culture Where Team and Family Mean Something.

While the only true way to discover a company's culture is to experience it firsthand, we'll try to summarize the points we believe make us unique in American business.

  • Safety is our first priority. Because we're employee-owned, there is nothing more important to us than helping to ensure that you return home safely to your loved ones each night.
  • A builder mentality. We're not paper pushers. A passion for building and craftsmanship drives us to excellence.
  • It's all about the team. Well-built projects and companies aren't constructed by individuals. Experience tells us that the team approach works.
  • Relationships are key. Whether it be with our own employees or our outside partners, the personal importance of relationship-building is critical.
  • Honesty above all. Our word truly is our bond, and the concepts of truth and integrity are alive and well at MC Industrial.
  • Lofty goals. Our never-ending goal is to be the Best Builder in America. Period.