Organizational Overview

MC Industrial is a national contractor dedicated to servicing the specialized needs of the industrial marketplace. An independent McCarthy company, our company is built on over 150 years of McCarthy building excellence. With 500 salaried and tradespeople on staff, we deliver industrial construction services from coast-to-coast.

Centrally headquartered in St. Louis, we work hard to match employees to projects and locations, leveraging your training, experience and interests. Our goals when matching employees are relatively straightforward:

  • We work to meet the business needs of our clients (putting the right people on the right jobs)
  • We work to meet the professional needs of our employees (ensuring that each assignment stretches you while also allowing you to leverage your past experiences in a comfortable way)
  • We work to meet the personal needs of our employees (trying to place you in locations that interest you)

We strive to make the right decisions for the business and for our people. We look forward to talking to you about your needs and our future.