Interview Process

Choosing to join a new company is a big step. The same is true of choosing a partner to join our company. As you will see through your interview process, we take the matter seriously. While there will be slight variations in some cases, most candidates go through a series of steps to learn about us and allow us to learn about them.

  • First, you will speak with someone from our recruiting staff to review your background, interests and goals.
  • You will then meet with a group of MC Industrial leaders and employees. Our goal during this stage of the process is to really learn more about you, what you have done during your career and what you want to do. We hope that you will be able to learn many of the same things about us. 
  • After the interview, you could be invited to go through an assessment process. The assessment process consists of a series of surveys that measure problem-solving, decision-making, managerial style and work-related personality characteristics. 
  • The remainder of the application process includes background checking, references and other due diligence. We hope that you ask us tough questions throughout this process. We seek a true fit between our partners and the company. 

Once we decide you are a great fit for us and you decide MC Industrial is right for you, you will receive a written offer. This offer will be contingent on the successful completion of a drug test.